Wall Street (8×12)


This image was taken in 2008. I like this angle of view because it shows the relationship of business and finance in New York.

This image is mounted on the emulsion side of a polaroid. I do this because I like the look of the instructions on one side and the dried emulsion on the other. This method of presentation is unique to my work.

The frame is a black satin finish, slimline frame, very pretty.

Price includes shipping in the USA.


2 reviews for Wall Street (8×12)

  1. Charles

    Hi Ciaran,

    Just finish to look at your You Tube video :
    From School to Studio to Fine Art | One Photographer’s Journey

    You are a true artist !

    Your extreme sensibility and humility are your strengths !

    You have a style that is close to mine.

    I am a Tour Director, for groups of french people on bus tours.

    It has been more than 20 years, that, when I give visit of NYC, I take pictures.

    This season, all my contracts are cancelled.
    The border line with Canada is close.
    I dont know, when I will be able to go to NYC.

    But, as soon as I can, I would like to meet you, and talk photography with you.

    Thank you,


    (From : Quebec city / an other amazing city for photography)

  2. Ciaran Tully

    Hi Charles,
    Thank you for your wonderful comments about my work. The next time you are in New York I would be honored to meet with you and talk shop.

    All the best,

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