A photographer’s body of work can reveal much about their life. Despite the camera not being turned upon them, photos are always, in their own way, autobiographical.  It’s a documentation of what the photographer found important, what caught their eye, and the places they would spend their time. You can see into a person’s mind by seeing what they take photos of. Tully’s work spans three decades of capturing his reverence for New York City, his reverence for its establishments, and his reverence for what makes it “It.” This book is therefore a biography of New York City as well as an autobiography of one of its guests.

Ciaran Tully emigrated from Dublin in 1990 to pursue a career in photography and has been documenting the streets of New York ever since. He has lived in the same East Village apartment for all those 32 years. His work contains urban landscape, architecture, street portraiture and abstract street photography. 

written by Jess Buckner

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Portrait of Ciaran Tully

“My images are abstract and painterly.”

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