Meat Market (8×12)

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The Meat Market is located on Second Avenue between 8th St and 9th St. I photographed it in January 2004. If you look closely you will see that the butchers were waving to me from inside the door.

This image is mounted on the emulsion side of a polaroid. I do this because I like the look of the instructions on one side and the dried emulsion on the other. This method of presentation is unique to my work.

The frame is a black satin finish, slimline frame, very pretty.

Price includes shipping in the USA.


1 review for Meat Market (8×12)

  1. Denise DePalma

    I stumbled upon a store in the West Village where one of your photos in the window drew me in. I proceeded to look through all the images and this one just spoke to me. My dad was a butcher and for some reason, I was feeling very connected to him the whole week prior. I had been looking for some time for a small print or photograph for my kitchen. When I read the description that the butchers were waving from the window when you look closely, I took it as a sign from heaven. Thank you!

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