Night Walker (8×12)


This is Tompkins Sq Park on the East 9th Street path. I remember the exact time and date, Dec. 25, 2009 at 1am. It is not snowing, in fact it was particularly warm and humid that night. However, a cold front came in and displaced the warmth and was the reason for this wonderful ground fog. It made the park a very mysterious place on Christmas Day.

This image is mounted on the emulsion side of a polaroid. I do this because I like the look of the instructions on one side and the dried emulsion on the other. This method of presentation is unique to my work.

The frame is a black satin finish, slimline frame, very pretty.

Price includes shipping in the USA.


1 review for Night Walker (8×12)

  1. Sharon allan

    do you ship to the uk

    • Ciaran Tully

      Hi Sharon,
      My apologies about the late reply to your inquiry, I’m still getting used to my website. Yes I do ship to UK. If you have further inquires or wish to purchase a print I will reply faster if you email me at

      All the best,
      Ciaran Tully

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