Manhattan Skyline (8×12)


This image was taken in February 2005. I wanted it to be a dramatic image and decided that the best way to achieve this was to photograph the bridge at dawn. At the time was very influenced by the movie Manhattan. Later that morning, cold and hungry, I found the Almondine Bakery on Water Street and went in for a coffee and croissant.

By now it was 6.30am and I was the first customer of the day. The owner, Hervé Poussot and I chatted for a little while, he liked my work and promised to allow me to hang my work on the cafe walls.

Happy with my days work I went home and got a cold from the weather.

This image is mounted on the emulsion side of a polaroid. I do this because I like the look of the instructions on one side and the dried emulsion on the other. This method of presentation is unique to my work.

The frame is a black satin finish, slimline frame, very pretty.

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